Friday, 28 September 2012

Latest not always the greatest

When Apple released iOS6 I decided to take a look at it before I jumped on the bandwagon and boy am I glad.

The list of "over 200" improvements seemed to hold nary a one that would apply to my Wi-Fi only iPad 2. Even worse was the listed loss of Google Maps and replacement with Apple Maps which a series of useless-sounding features. Better to play it safe and check the reviews, I thought.

The negative reviews of Apple Maps have overshadowed the other features, but they have certainly convince me that "sit and wait" was the better choice.

Meanwhile the executives at work are dumping their iPhone 4s and 4Ss for the iPhone5. As they hand them to the IT department to set up we are discovering that they need an upgraded iTunes which requires the latest update to Apple OS which requires the latest OS which requires money. A sound business plan, but a lousy customer experience.

So here I sit, happily typing away in the last iOS while the update counter on the App Store increases by leaps and bounds and realizing that the latest is not always the greatest.